Specialist training in hydrogen

As the transition to green energy progresses at pace,
it leaves us with a huge skills gap.

Hydrogen Safe provides specialist training and registered qualifications in hydrogen safety. Whether you are planning a career in the green energy sector or want to future-proof your workforce, our qualifications will provide the confidence needed to work safely with hydrogen.

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Preparing for the future

Hydrogen is emerging as the champion of green energy. With that comes a responsibility to learn and to educate about its uses, benefits, and risks.

Through the specialist training courses that we deliver at Hydrogen Safe, we give individuals and companies the knowledge they need to work confidently and safely with hydrogen.

What’s more, with a Level 1, 2 and 3 qualification, delegates can work through the training to become the most competent professional they could be when working with hydrogen.

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Immersive learning

The way we learn is not a one-size-fits-all. People digest and retain information in very different ways and as an inclusive provider of specialist hydrogen training, we want to make sure that you have access to an immersive and exciting experience as you learn.

From the very start we have incorporated the latest technologies into our training courses. Using VR, AR and XR, we show how the theory works in ‘practice’.

What’s more, we are working with partners to constantly update how we deliver our training and provide every delegate with the knowledge and insight they need to support their learning journey.

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Your Green Career

Accessing the hydrogen economy creates opportunities for you to join an innovative, progressive, and increasingly competitive marketplace with huge potential.

As the green revolution picks up pace, so too do the opportunities that are available to certified and qualified candidates. As a training provider in hydrogen, we want to signpost you to the careers that are available to you right now.

Your Green Career is a great starting point and will give you up to date information on a wide variety of jobs in the green energy sector.

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“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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