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10 April 2024

Why Hydrogen? Why Now?

At Hydrogen Safe, I wear two hats: environmental advocate and business development specialist. This unique perspective fuels my passion and understanding for the clean energy revolution sweeping the UK and the world. Hydrogen Safe is dedicated to training and upskilling the future clean energy workforce. Our goal? To equip the workforce with the skills needed to navigate the world of green hydrogen. We achieve this by fostering partnerships between businesses, colleges, and governments to build a low-carbon economy, as envisioned by COP28 goals.

The success of the hydrogen industry is crucial for reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Currently, we’re falling behind. This blog aims to unlock how we bridge the gap and answer the questions that a lot of people have.

What You’ll Find Here

  • Insights into the world of hydrogen: I’ll share news and analysis on hydrogen infrastructure, technology advancements in the UK, and the feasibility of government investments.
  • Addressing the skills gap: A key focus will be exploring the green energy sector’s skills shortage and potential solutions.
  • Engaging discussions: I’ll host guest speakers on our brand new podcast “The Challenge with Green Energy?” (stay tuned!), summarise key takeaways, and delve into controversial and important topics within the industry.
  • Public perception and business action: We’ll explore concerns surrounding household hydrogen use and how businesses can address the green workforce shortage.

Join the Conversation!

I want this blog to be a space for open discussion. Let’s explore the exciting world of hydrogen together!

If you’d like to be a guest on our podcast “The Challenge with Green Energy?”, reach out to me at Elizabeth.simon@hydrogensafe.org.

You can find us on our LinkedIn page, Instagram or Tik Tok.

“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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