Key Takeaways from the Madano General Election Event – By Lizzie Simon

01 July 2024

Following Madano’s General Election drinks reception last Thursday, I have summarised the 3 key takeaways and reflections from the event. I found their Orange Paper Net Zero Hero report really useful and insightful as we approach the general election.

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  1. Energy Security and Clean Energy Focus:
  • Paul Mason highlighted the importance of distributing energy sources to enhance resilience, especially in the face of international threats.
  • The Labour party’s Mission Zero emphasises clean energy as a national security priority, proposing a strategy to integrate renewables across the economy.

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  1. Labour Party’s Strategic Challenges:
  • The Labour manifesto, described as a “narrative document,” suggests we could be entering a new government era without a clear plan.
  • The new government’s decision-making will be heavily influenced by current international issues involving Russia, China, and America.
  • Labour would need a 12.5% swing in votes to secure a majority of 1 seat; however, polls predict they could win a total of 250 seats. There is concern that Labour may win unexpected seats, leading to a potential influx of inexperienced and unprepared MPs.
  • Challenges include crafting policies in an unpredictable global trade environment and ensuring coordinated efforts among government and industry stakeholders.

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  1. Industry Opportunities and Economic Concerns:
  • The event underscored opportunities in adopting manufacturing models, like the Danish approach, particularly in fuel cell technology.
  • Labour’s pro-business stance aims to balance ambitious policies (endorsed by Ed Miliband) with practical economic strategies.
  • Economic concerns discussed included the potential risks of wage-driven inflation and the need for sustainable investment to drive real productivity and wage growth.

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“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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