Mahdi’s #IamHydrogenSafe story: Journey to Project Management

21 May 2024

“I’ve always been interested in helping keep the environment safe for the future” – Mahdi’s #IamHydrogenSafe story

A student undertaking an Apprenticeship as a Pipeline Inspector at Hopwood Hall College, Mahdi shared some of his motivations, inspirations and experiences of receiving training supplied by Hydrogen Safe as part of his qualification.

Rachael Burns, Education Partnerships Manager here at Hydrogen Safe, knew that Yasmin Ali was a source of inspiration to Mahdi, so she took a copy of Yasmin’s book, Power Up, to Hopwood Hall to give to Mahdi – swipe to see the photo!

Read on to discover more about Mahdi’s story…

💚 Your Green Story: how did your personal journey lead you to a career in the green energy sector?
“Previously, I was working in the construction field with solar PV technology. I found out there was a chance to improve my skillset and help create a better future by working in this industry. At first, I was nervous about meeting the team and other apprentices. However, my previous experience with solar PV technology means I can now help my teammates and fellow apprentices!”

✅ What plans do you have once you complete your training?
“In the short term, my plan is to become more experienced and skilled. Long term, I’d love to get to a senior level and move into project management.”

💡 What have you enjoyed the most about Hydrogen Safe’s training?
“What I’ve found most enjoyable about Hydrogen Safe’s training is the chance to work with an energy source which can be renewable, natural and safe when handled correctly.”

“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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