Making Connections that Matter

22 January 2024

Making Connections that Matter

During 2023 we made some strategic connections that we know will become invaluable to Hydrogen Safe and the work that we will deliver throughout 2024 and beyond. We have always been big believers in building relationships and this year will be no different.

Having a strong network around you that can make introductions, build connections and, when appropriate, support each other can turn an often isolating or transactional situation into something far more exciting.

Developing immersive experiences

Take our recent project to capture immersive content for our specialist training courses. We had the 3D cameras set up, the 360-video specialists on standby and the AI image rendering at the ready, but we were missing a vital part of the process… the pipe!

In order to capture content of a ‘real job’, we need to install pipes in a ‘live construction setting’. Thanks to Hopwood Hall College and University Centre, we have the land; and our partnership with Ark Immersive gives us the expertise to capture the footage; but it was thanks to Radius Systems Ltd that we could get the pipe we need.

Working collaboratively

A huge thank you to Gary Dwyer for pulling out all the stops. This was a real example of how partnerships work in practice and as a result we are planning the production schedule that will allow us to capture the content that will be shared with delegates on our courses.

Gary comments: “Radius Systems Limited is extremely proud to support this incredibly important initiative, and the team at Hydrogen Safe and Hopwood Hall College. By training the next generation of Gas Engineers and Managers on all things Hydrogen, we can play our part in ensuring that the workforce is competent, trained and have hands-on experience, so that they are ready to take their place in the gas industry of the future.”

In order to provide some context to the incredible immersive experience we will be delivering, please click the link here: Not only will this give our delegates the chance to access a site and ask questions without leaving the classroom but also to learn in a multisensory environment.

We are really excited by the potential that this brings to Hydrogen Safe and hope that you will join us in celebrating collaboration and working together when it matters most.

“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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