Specialist hydrogen qualification provides access to green economy

15 August 2023

Hydrogen Safe, the specialist training organisation that equips and educates people to work safely in the green sector, will tackle the growing skills gap as it provides access to the certifications and qualifications people need to secure jobs in the green economy.

Unlike other training providers, Hydrogen Safe combines several modules into one easy to access course, including the UK’s first registered hydrogen qualification. What’s more, it is actively encouraging a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the sector, encouraging females to join the training.

Future-proofing the skills of talented tradesmen and women the ‘Introduction to Hydrogen Safety Practices’ Level 1 course has been developed as an introduction to hydrogen, educating those that register about the market and how to work safely within it.

The second phase of the course will focus on implementing this learning into practice within a variety of industry settings, while the third will educate people to understand the sector, demonstrate it in practice and give them the knowledge to measure and mentor others.

With the advancements towards clean energy, and the introduction of hydrogen as a greener alternative to natural gas, Hydrogen Safe offers a solution to tackle the skills gap and the huge demand for certified and qualified talent.

Providing a range of flexible learning options, the training from Hydrogen Safe can be added to current training programmes, accessed through learning partners that facilitate complementary and relevant courses or booked by individuals that want to future-proof their careers.
Managing Director of Hydrogen Safe, Andy Lord, comments: “I have watched the hydrogen industry very closely over recent years and identified a gap in the market for a specialist training provider that would future proof the careers of those entering the market, as well as those wanting to upskill.

“Every day there are new announcements about the innovative and exciting ways that hydrogen is being used and we want to make sure that the correct training is given to educate people and keep them safe.

“We wanted to create a training course that would be accessible and easy to use. This is about equipping as many people as possible with the knowledge they need to work safely with hydrogen as more businesses see the benefits to using it within their processes.”

Members of Hydrogen UK and the Hydrogen Skills Alliance, Hydrogen Safe can work with businesses, education providers and individuals to deliver courses that suit the needs of an organisation and its prospective candidates.

“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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