18 June 2024

Having recently opened an office in Swansea, appointed four new Specialist Training Instructors and secured a five-figure match-funded commitment from the Swansea Bay City Deal Skills and Talent Programme, Hydrogen Safe, the hydrogen safety training specialist that acts as a conduit between industry and education, has announced it will launch the Hydrogen Safe Strategic Development and Skills Group. 

With a primary objective to foster the strategic development of hydrogen technologies and build the necessary skills base to support its widespread adoption across various sectors and projects in Wales, the group will initially comprise of representatives from Pembrokeshire College, Cardiff and Vale College, Coleg Menai/Llandrillo and NPTC Group of Colleges.

Building on a strategic partnership between Andy Lord, CEO and Founder of Hydrogen Safe, and Wyn Prichard, former Director of Skills Strategy and Business Engagement for NPTC Group of Colleges and Specialist Consultant to the business, the group will facilitate introductions, encourage discussion and embrace progress in the green energy sector. 

With the scope to explore and promote the use of hydrogen as a clean and effective energy resource across distribution, production, storage and use of new technologies, the group will also address skills, competence and expertise at all levels across the green energy sector. 

Key areas of focus will include strategic planning, policy recommendations, technology assessment, skills development, stakeholder engagement, promotion and awareness, evaluation and governance. 

Andy comments: “There is a lot of progress being made in Wales and we recognise the importance and influence that Further Education colleges have to the success of projects that are planned and underway. 

“That’s why, we have ensured through the initial membership to the group, that we have coverage throughout the country that will allow us to address regional priorities. Bringing experts together, we can discuss the topics that matter most as we set the agenda for a more sustainable future. 

“It’s important that we work collaboratively and that we are finding solutions for the barriers that exist, including a massive gap in skills. We know that with the knowledge, experience, contacts and insight, we can create a plan that will deliver the results we are all looking for. The ambition is there, it’s now about making it happen.” 

Wyn comments: “With the projects that are planned and underway in Wales, we have a real and viable opportunity to make a collective difference and show what can be achieved when we work together. 

“Having focused on net zero, renewables and sustainability for much of my career, setting up the first cross-industry net zero academy with trade bodies, industry, students and education, I’ve seen how this approach can work. 

“We can see the challenges with hydrogen as we transition to more sustainable ways of working. It’s up to us to put the infrastructure in place if we are to access the benefits that are available from the green energy sector in the future.” 

Members of Hydrogen UK; the Hydrogen Energy Association; the Hydrogen Skills Alliance; and NPTC Group of Colleges, Net Zero Skills Advisory Board, as well as being a corporate partner of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s charity, Hydrogen Safe works with businesses, education providers and individuals to deliver courses that meet with their specific objectives and sustainability goals. 

For more information, please visit: www.hydrogensafe.org and for regular updates follow Hydrogen Safe on LinkedIn. 

“Let’s create a greener, more sustainable and safer world for everyone.”

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